Stop missing out on success because of procrastination and failure to make a decision!

Great blog post on Procrastination and a story about Henry Ford I had never heard before…what would you have done?

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Stop missing out on success because of

I just finished reading a book called Stickability – The Power of Perseverance and this story of Henry Ford really called out to me, so much so that I have copied  a piece from the book and pasted below for you to read.

“The President of the largest automotive manufacturing plant called in 100 young men from the various departments of the facility and said to them, Gentlemen, we are going to enlarge our plant and greatly increase our output of automobiles, which means that we will need executives and department managers far beyond our present staff. We are offering each of you the privilege of working 4 hours per day in the office, where you will learn to become executives, and four hours at your regular jobs in the plant. There will be some homework, and there may be times when you will have to forgo your social duties…

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How to stop settling and start living a life with purpose & happiness NOW!

Great insight into living a life of passion!

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How to stop SETTLING and start living a

If someone told you in a week from now you would have ONE chance to shoot a basketball into a hoop from the free throw line on the court and if you made it, you would win 100,000 dollars but you only had ONE CHANCE… wouldn’t you put everything you had into that shot? Wouldn’t you give it your ALL?

Interestingly enough though, we know from birth that we have ONE chance here on earth, Only ONE and yet we settle. We make excuses for WHY we cant do something, or can’t accomplish something we have dreamed of. We think of a million reasons why it is NOT possible. We accept our situation and then talk ourselves into feeling good about it. We avoid the pain of failure. We are not honest with ourselves and we lose our drive, dreams and ambition.

We accept our circumstances. We accept the excuses from ourselves. W

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Decluttering more than your home!

If it doesn't nourish your soul get rid of it
For over a year now I have been wanting to declutter my house.  I have come to the realization that holding on to things holds me back.  I feel overwhelmed, weighed down, heavy, and depressed when I have too much “stuff”!  The past few weeks I keep getting the message to let go.  It started me thinking WHY do I feel the need to hold on to things from the past?  I have come to the realization that a lot of it is because of guilt.  Someone I love or care about gave it to me and I don’t want to get rid of it because of the emotional ties to that person or for fear it might make them feel bad or hurt their feelings. This also pertains to the emotional attachment of some items.  Momentos from when I graduated from High School or College, when the kids were born, the grandkids, etc.   Some of the things I hold onto represent things I want to do or become; such as a scrapbooker!! I dream of getting all of my pictures organized in albums for everyone to enjoy! So I hold on to all of the scrapbooking items!  And of course my favorite…I might need it one day.  Because I KNOW that every time I get rid of something, even items I haven’t used for years, I find I need it and have to go buy another one!!  I know this rarely happens but it seems as though it always does.
At this point in my life I feel as though all the “stuff” is that…just stuff and it is an anchor holding me back.  It makes me feel so heavy and weighed down that it keeps me from living a life of freedom.  I am just beginning to realize how it keeps me locked in the past.  I no longer want to live my life in the past.  My past doesn’t define me any longer!  I am committed to living in the present.  So I have made a HUGE decision for me.  I am going through EVERY room in my house one at a time.  I am making 4 piles: Trash, donate, sale, and keep.  I will be getting rid of thousands of items and only keeping those things that are a necessity or items that I love that bring me joy and happiness.  Everything else is going.  If you are in need of something let me know because I would love to gift things to those who could benefit or love anything I have.
I am declaring right now that I am starting today and I am starting with the grandbabies playroom and bathroom.  I am giving myself one week in each room so I should be completed in 12 weeks.  I am going to post before and after pictures and progress updates.  I am praying that I inspire at least one other person to declutter their house and life.  While I am starting with the house I KNOW I will be decluttering much more than my physical space.  I am looking forward to the journey and seeing where it leads me.  Pray for me and please leave a comment if you are going to join me.  Let’s support each other along the way.
God Bless,
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