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Stop missing out on success because of procrastination and failure to make a decision!

Great blog post on Procrastination and a story about Henry Ford I had never heard before…what would you have done?

Spreading the Sparkle

Stop missing out on success because of

I just finished reading a book called Stickability – The Power of Perseverance and this story of Henry Ford really called out to me, so much so that I have copied  a piece from the book and pasted below for you to read.

“The President of the largest automotive manufacturing plant called in 100 young men from the various departments of the facility and said to them, Gentlemen, we are going to enlarge our plant and greatly increase our output of automobiles, which means that we will need executives and department managers far beyond our present staff. We are offering each of you the privilege of working 4 hours per day in the office, where you will learn to become executives, and four hours at your regular jobs in the plant. There will be some homework, and there may be times when you will have to forgo your social duties…

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